Discover 5 women who have received the Nobel Peace Prize

Discover 5 women who have received the Nobel Peace Prize

Discover 5 women who have received the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Prize for Peace is among the most prestigious awards created by Alfred B. Nobel, apart from the other Nobel Prizes. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to those who considerably contributed to human rights and world peace, especially to organizations and world leaders. The objective is to enhance serenity around the world.

Since 1901, approximately 600 Nobel Prizes have been granted, 51 of which were awarded to women in any of the 5 major categories.

Discover 5 women who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1- Mother Teresa (1979)

Mother Teresa was born in the Ottoman Empire and was raised in her Roman Catholic family. Mother Teresa is remembered for her deeds with the poor in India. Her work for peace started at her early age. At the age of 12, she began to serve as a nun. Some years later, she moved to India and taught girls at a school in Calcutta.

Next, she got involved in the Missionaries of Charity. Her outstanding endeavor for humanity was rewarded in 1979 and she received the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, she led the construction of nursing homes, sanatoriums and shelters for orphan kids in Calcutta, India. To sponsor her charitable activities, she relied on donations and international aid.

Likewise, The Prem Rawat Foundation work for humanity and calls for volunteers to join their efforts to promote global harmony.

2- Emily Greene Balch (1946)

Emily Greene Balch was a socialist who was interested in the lives and rights of defenseless people. Her work for peace consisted of giving support and fighting for the rights of minority groups, immigrants, abused women and workers. In addition, she contributed a lot in ending armed conflicts. Her exceptional effort in peacekeeping made her among the Nobel Peace Prize laureates in 1946.

She got a joint award with Jane Addams for their mutual effort in peace restoration. Their efforts consisted of advocating the impartial intervention of governments to end the World War II. In addition, they condemned fascism and Nazi policies.

3- Baroness Bertha Sophie Felicita von Suttner (1905)

Baroness Bertha was born in Prague, under the Austrian Empire. She was a good friend of Alfred B. Nobel. She was a leading figure in international security. Her effort in peacekeeping was related to her messages of peace in her book which calls militants and soldiers to cease fire.

Likewise, the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, promotes peace through messages of peace which call for actions to work for humanity and put an end to violence. Baroness Bertha was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prizein 1905. Later on, she set up the Austrian Peace Society.

4- Tawakkol Karman (2011)

Tawakkol Karman is a journalist and political scientist from Yemen. She condemned the government's actions in abusing civil rights. Therefore, she led peaceful demonstrations in her country to protest against it.

As a result, she was put under arrests several times. She is renowned for her “Women Journalists without Chains” Foundation, which fights for freedom of speech. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for her incomparable contribution in peacekeeping in 2011.

5- Nadia Murad (2018)

Nadia Murad was born in Kocho, Iraq. Nadia is a human rights activist. Her full name is Nadia Murad BaseeTaha. She was kidnapped by the Islamic State when she was 21 years old. She was detained away from her hometown for 3 months. Later, she created the Nadia's Initiative foundation, which advocates women's and children's rights who have been trafficked and abused by ethnic cleansing and mass atrocities.

In 2018, she promoted for the rights of sexually molested women at wars and armed conflicts. That was why she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with her colleague Denis Mukwege. Nadia is the first lady from Iraq to be granted the honorable title.


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